Healthy Bites

10:11 am | September 24, 2012


Photo by Brandon Hicks
Michelle Carr, a sophomore at Unaka High School, chooses a hamburger for lunch Wednesday. She had a choice of a grilled chicken sandwich or

That’s been the response of many kids to the marked changes in this year’s school cafeteria offerings. Leaner, greener school lunches served under new federal standards are getting mixed grades from students piling more carrots, apples and fewer fatty foods on their trays.

“They’re kind of forcing all the students to get the vegetables and fruits with their lunch, which my son and daughter are not too happy about,” said Brandy Trivette, whose children attend Hampton Elementary School.

But, advocates of the federally mandated changes say, the changes are all about getting children to eat healthy and to reverse a trend where more and more American children are considered not only overweight but obese.

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