July 17th , 2013 15:16 pm 7 Comments

Hampton woman charged with federal sex crimes involving children


Sheriff Chris Mathes said Wednesday that explicit photographs reportedly found in the possession of a Hampton woman constituted the “worst case of sex abuse (he’s) ever seen.”

Crystal Poore

Crystal Poore

Mathes said Crystal Renee Dawn Poore was taken into federal custody Monday after an investigation by his department initiated by a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The sheriff said investigators discovered numerous photographs depicting Poore’s three children — 2, 6 and 8 years old — involved in various sexual acts.

Mathes said Poore will face both federal and state charges in the alleged incidents, including aggravated rape of a child, rape of a child, aggravated sexual assault and incest.

She will first face her federal charges and then be remanded to the custody of local authorities.

For more information, read tomorrow’s edition of the STAR.


7 Responses to Hampton woman charged with federal sex crimes involving children

  1. CandynRicky Colvard says:

    this woman should be hung

  2. Concerned says:

    I pray justice is swift and SEVERE for this piece of disgusting trash. My heart is breaking for those poor children.

  3. Locopony says:

    Mathes getting his face time. She will not be charged Federal and State. She is being held on a Federal detainer, Carter Co. can’t charge her with anything, Mathes shouldn’t be giving press conferences on Federal cases that do not even involve him.

  4. Hampton Mom says:

    I actually know this woman and never even got a vibe from her that she was like that. She tried to get me to let my daughter stay at her house which I never did thank god for her epilepsy!!!

  5. Hampton Mom says:

    I feel bad for the kids they are going to need lots of counseling to help them see this was not their fault…Their mom is just one sick twisted SOB and she will have to answer to GOD for what she did to these poor innocent children.

  6. nire120 says:

    Wish you hadn’t posted her name. These little girls don’t need this following them around online for the rest of their lives. They’re already going to be traumatized.
    This is heartbreaking.

  7. Rebecca Stanley says:

    ive known this woman since childhood we was in foster care together. ive always felt like she should not be able to breed. but here is what gets me the most besides ALL of the horrific and brutal stuff the children went through,is how the”fther has convinced the sherriff he didn’t know anything was going on in HIS OWN HOME. I was a rape victim at the age of 11-yrs old by my unce.my aunt knew the whole time. I told her several times. all she would say is ” QUIT BEING SO SILLY, WHY WOLD HE WANT A GIRL WHEN HE HAS A WOMAN RIGHT HERE” and then she would laugh at me as she walked away . I finally ran away and was put into foster care. but there aint no way that the father had no clue as what was going on in his home people just choose to ignore it and act like nothing was going on.this whole sto9ry discusses me to m soul at bother crystal and her husband

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