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Hampton Elementary Facebook fight prompts discussion over cellphones in school


Earlier this week, Hampton Elementary Principal Bud Hazelwood suspended three students for fighting.

The next day, he suspended two more over the same incident, even though they didn’t throw a punch.

The two students weren’t suspended for fighting; they were suspended for recording the fight on a cellphone and posting the video online.

“The fight was a minor incident; I took care of that issue,” Hazelwood said. “The football coach called me that night and said it was on Facebook. Then we went from there.”

But in addition to drawing suspensions for a few more students, the video could also cause a shift in the way Carter County Schools handles cellphones in schools. Currently, the system’s policy prohibits the use of cellphones at any time during school hours on school grounds.

“We’re not trying to keep them from bringing them into schools,” Hazelwood said. “We just want them to keep them in their lockers, but that doesn’t always happen.”

After this week’s incident, Director of Schools Kevin Ward said that policy may be in need of revision.


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