Hammock makes presence felt in 10th NOTLD

1:10 am | October 15, 2013

Strength was in abundance at John Treadway Gym during the weekend.

Over 25 of the top lifters from across the globe took part in the 10th annual Night of the Living Dead professional deadlift competition held in Elizabethton on Saturday, Oct. 12.

“I think it was the best event we ever had,” event director Alex Campbell said. “We had more 700-pound, 800-pound and 900-pound deadlifters than any previous events. Had a great pound-for-pound battle between four previous champions … the girls also did a great job. I can’t complain. Every aspect of the meet was awesome.”

Shane Hammock, from Westside Performance Nutrition, showed the heavy guns throughout the night and recorded the heaviest amount of weight lifted at 859 lbs.

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