Go West, young scientist: Fair taps talent

10:31 am | April 4, 2013

Fourth-grade students at West Side Elementary got a chance to show off their inner scientists by participating in a Photo by Brandon Hicksscience fair.

Organized by science teacher Lisa Kind, the fair was the first for the school in at least five years.

The assignment was deceptively simple: Students were tasked with following the scientific process to answer a question and made display boards to show their findings.

The fair featured 57 displays covering topics that included absorbent dying, floating eggs, hot dog mummies, food growth in different climates, bacteria counts in public water fountains versus toilets and bounce distances for different sports balls.

West Side teachers judged the exhibits, choosing a winner from each of the three fourth-grade classes. The class winners were Abigail Markley and Keith Bowers in Kind’s class; Audrey Holland in Tammy Markland’s class and Hunter Owens from Laura Blevins’ class.

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