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For an egg to win this EHS competition, it has to do one thing – survive


There’s more than one way to break an egg.

Algebra I students at Elizabethton High School tested a variety of ways when they tossed eggs from the back balcony of Photo by Brandon HicksBrown-Childress Stadium at T.A. Dugger Junior High School.

They weren’t trying to make a mess: They were hoping their eggs survived the fall.

The students had to build safety containers to protect their eggs as part of a lesson on problem-solving skills, creative thinking and teamwork.

The students in Jon Jones’, Kelly Plemons’ and Christine Poole’s Algebra I classes worked either individually or in groups to build the safety containers for their eggs. From the three classes, about 10 eggs survived the drop from the second-story balcony.
Photo by Brandon Hicks
Sierra Clark and Emily May were the first students to drop their eggs during the second-period class. Their egg survived the fall, thanks to its eggstra shell fashioned from a small cardboard box packed with cotton balls.
“I’m pretty proud of it,” Clark said. “We just packed it in there with cotton balls. I’m surprised it worked.”


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