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For 25 years, the military defined Kelly Frazier’s life


By Nick Shepherd Star Correspondent

As Kelly “Joe” Frazier approached the checkpoint, his convoy stopped.

Photo Contributed
Kelly “Joe” Frazier is shown during his time deployed in Iraq.

The convoy was heading north from Kuwait on its way to deliver supplies to troops in Iraq, but an Improvised Explosive Device had been spotted by the scout vehicle. Frazier, as the company’s commander, called the convoy to a stop while preparations were made to set-off the IED.

Another unit was in the same area. For an unknown reason, the other unit drove right over the IED and detonated the device. The explosion blew the vehicle’s doors off.

“It also signaled to the enemy to start their ambush,” Frazier said. “It started with small arms but soon a couple of RPGs were fired.”


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