Finance Committee blends county, school purchasing and travel policies

11:22 am | November 7, 2013

The Carter County School System and Carter County Commission are now on the same page with their purchasing and travel policies.

Carter County Finance Director Ingrid Deloach provided the Finance Committee with copies of proposed policy revisions for the county and school board during its meeting on Wednesday.

One change was made to the county and school board’s newly combined purchasing policy. Deloach asked that the amount of money to be spent by an entity to require it to seek quotes be raised from $1,000 to $2,500.

“In 2001 when we made that, $1,000 was probably a major purchase, but today in 2013, you can buy anything and it will cost you $1,000,” she said. “It is causing a lot of different people to have to go out and get tons of quotes and I don’t know that that is an accurate figure in today’s world.”

Changes to the two policies were made after a meeting between the Carter County attorney, school board attorney, Deloach, Carter County Schools Superintendent Kevin Ward,

Financial Management Committee Chairperson JoAnn Blankenship and Deputy Finance Director Christa Byrd.

“I believe the school board lawyer has been in contact with several other lawyers to prove that we are correct in doing what we are doing,” Deloach said. ”We all met together to discuss this so that we could get one common policy because two policies is not the situation we want to be in.”

However, there is a difference between the travel and purchasing policy, Ward said.

“When it comes to finances we are 100 percent a part of the committee and have to abide by all of the committee’s finance rules and regulations,” Ward said. “The school board voted for us to develop our own policy and blend it in with the policy that you all have. When it comes to travel, it does fall separate and it allows us to develop our own policy for the school board because it is a policy-making board.”

Deloach said she took the school board’s existing travel policy and incorporated it into the county policy.

“I tried to make sure that everything their policy said our policy said as well,” Deloach said.

Changes to both policies were approved unanimously by the committee.

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