Family treasures in attic tell a tale of father’s military service

10:00 am | September 17, 2013

When Brenda Holland started the task of cleaning out her childhood home, she never expected to uncover the treasure trove of memories that told her father Thomas Treadway Sr.’s story from World War II.

Holland unearthed close to 1,000 love letters between her mother Helen and her father, along with a chest of her father’s clothing and other supplies from his time in the Army.

Treadway served in the Army from November 1940 until Aug. 3, 1945. He served as a medic and reached the rank of Master Sergeant Tech V.

Holland said she wasn’t sure if he volunteered or was drafted. A search of official military records proved fruitless when she learned that many records from that time were lost in a fire.

“When I found that out, I got real aggravated,” Holland said. “The way I figured out where he was, was through those letters. I don’t know anything from 1940 to 1942, but I found those letters between he and Mother and they were still in the envelopes. I thought I can use these postmarks to find out where he was.”

In 1942, he was stationed at Lawson General Hospital in Chamblee, Ga. It was here that he met Helen Cox and they married.

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