Familiar name lands on region’s grocery shelves

11:00 am | November 21, 2013
Photo by Brandon Hicks

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Five Creekers flavors – three barbecue sauces, a dry rub and a cole slaw mix – are sold in stores, with more entries expected to follow.

Fans of Stoney Creek’s Creekers BBQ are now finding some of their favorite flavors on local grocery shelves.

The restaurant has been selling its trademark sauces since opening three years ago, but until recently they were only sold in the store, packaged in Mason jars.

Owner Tony Wilson decided earlier this year that it was time to branch out.

“Consistency was the main reason we did it,” said Wilson. With the sauces coming prepackaged, Wilson says he can be sure there’s always some ready for potential customers.

The local barbecue joint is offering its sauces in Ingles stores throughout the region. According to Wilson, the sauces have made their way to 12 of the grocery franchise’s locations in Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

And it looks like the restaurant is trying to expand its market share: “We’ll be in four Food City stores by the first of the year,” said Wilson.

Creekers offers three different barbecue sauces, as well as a dry rub and a signature slaw dressing. Each sauce is designed to complement one of the restaurant’s barbecue dishes, but Wilson says the sauces are versatile and can be paired with most of the fare at Creekers.

Each sauce was dreamed up by Wilson and his pit boss, Dan Britt.

The pair have tried to create fine-tuned sauces that pair well with all of their barbecued dishes. Wilson’s wife, Sandra, came up with the restaurant’s slaw recipe.

It looks like the decision to offer the sauce to a wider audience is already starting to pay off: within a week of getting the first shipment, Wilson said he had to restock.

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