ETSN pet food pantry open again

9:25 am | October 24, 2012

The East Tennessee Spay and Neuter’s Elizabethton pet food pantry is now operating again after shutting down during the summer months due to low supply levels.

The ETSN pet food pantry provides a monthly supply of pet food to low-income pet owners to help them care for their pets throughout the month. ETSN Executive Director Danika Nadzan said she had developed a new way to support the pet food pantry that seems to be a better option for the program.

ETSN is using sponsorships from local businesses and individuals to cover the cost of the pet food pantry. Nadzan said the sponsors will provide $250-$300 each month for the pet food. She noted cash donations toward the food pantry are also accepted. ETSN will buy the food as needed to distribute.


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