Elizabethton City Manager Search: Melissa Peagler

8:35 am | March 18, 2013

For city manager candidate Melissa Peagler, the city manager’s three main jobs are to inform, inspire and listen.


“I put 100 percent in a job. It is important to me to do a good job. I was raised that way and I put everything into a job.” — Melissa Peagler

“The city manager does lots of jobs but there are three jobs that are the most important,” she said. “It is the city manager’s job to inform City Council what is going on and the staff what is expected of them. The city manager is to inspire by bringing solutions and alternatives to problems the city faces. The city manager needs to listen to staff and to council and to the community about what they want, what their needs are and to address those things.”

Peagler was one of two candidates for the role of Elizabethton city manager interviewed by City Council members Friday. Two additional candidates will be interviewed on Thursday, March 21.

Peagler is currently the senior planner for the city of Morristown.

Progressing through her job as a planner, she said she developed an interest in city management.

She informed her supervisors of her desires and the past two city managers of Morristown have mentored her and allowed her to attend city manager conferences to gain knowledge on the positions. She said she has also taken master’s degree level courses in finance and city management. Peagler described herself as solution-oriented, committed, passionate and professional.

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