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Election night results


Here is the final tally for the November 2012 election.


Mitt Romney- 15496

Barack Obama- 4786

Virgil Goode-61

Jill Stein- 62

Ross “Rocky” Anderson- 25

Gary Johnson – 165

Merlin Miller- 12


Tennessee House of Representatives 4th District

Thomas Gray- 9883

Kent Williams- 11469


Elizabethton Liquor Referendum

To Permit- 2742

Not to Permit- 1958


Elizabethton City Councilman (Three highest tallies selected)

Curt Alexander-2496

Robert W. “Bob” Cable- 2463

Vicky Manuel- 2026

Jeff Treadway- 2438


Elizabethton School Board

Rita Bullock Booher- 1991

James “Jamey” Campbell- 1427

Phil Isaacs- 2291

Charles “Chuck” Madgett- 1527

Grover May- 1736

Sharon Lynch Skeans- 1314


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