Drivers stall line repair by dodging detour sign

11:15 am | September 26, 2013

A “Road Closed” sign is usually a pretty clear indication to stop and turn around, but a city official said motorists ignoring those warnings slowed the repair of a broken water line on Southside Road Monday morning.

Director of Utilities Johann Coetzee said work by Elizabethton Water Department crews was slowed by motorists who drove around the road-closed sign, and were then not able to turn around after reaching the large hole in the road where the repairs were taking place.

“The road was closed off,” Coetzee said. “It was in a tough spot. If they came from the Gap Creek Road side they could detour around. If they came in from the other side, they had to turn around at the sign. The work was complicated because the public ignored the road-closed signs.”

Coetzee said drivers would drive all the way to the work site after passing the sign. They would then have trouble turning around, and crews would have to stop the repairs to direct the motorists until they were clear.

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