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Donation boosts science at TAD


An anonymous trust recently turned the art of donation into a science.Photo by Brandon Hicks

The science department at T.A. Dugger Junior High School has received a $10,000 boost after receiving a donation from the trust.

The funds will be divided among teachers in the science department to buy classroom supplies or equipment for class projects. Assistant Principal Eric Wampler said the money would be placed in an account and would roll over from year to year as long as the funds last.

“There will always be things the teachers need,” Wampler said. “This $10,000 donation will help make sure they can get what they need.”

Wampler said over the years, TAD has added teachers in all departments, but the funding for classroom supplies has stayed the same. This results in a lower classroom fund allotment for each teacher, because there are more teachers dividing the same amount.

Department chair and science teacher Michelle Butler said the donation would help teachers be sure their students had the materials they need to give the students the “best education possible.”


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