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Disagreement over parking spaces solved with assigned spots


The parking wars in Rolling Hills Estate seem to be settled, and instead of the United Nations, assigned parking spaces seem to have been the answer to the problem.

The Elizabethton Housing and Development Agency Board of Commissioners was updated on parking issues as well as the future of the former Community Day Care units during its meeting Tuesday morning.

EHDA Director Kelly Geagley gave the board an update on parking issues the agency has been dealing with since August. The commissioners first heard from residents in August that there were not enough parking spaces to meet the demands of all the vehicles in the public housing neighborhood.

To address this issue, a parking committee was formed to address the issue of parking for the community as a whole when a new parking issue was discovered.

During the September meeting, Geagley told the board that families living in apartments at 925 and 927 Pine Ridge Circle were “in a battle” over the eight handicapped parking spaces between the two apartment complexes.

Geagley said there were enough parking spaces in parking lots and on the street to give adequate parking for both buildings. Geagley scheduled a meeting with the four families involved in the dispute, which two families attended. Geagley and Elizabethton Police Department substation Officer Kirk Carrier held home meetings with the other two families.

During the meeting and home visits, each family was given one assigned handicapped parking space. Geagley said he believed the assigned parking space solution was working.


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