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Director: Spay, neuter program a cost-saver for county



That’s how much the director of East Tennessee Spay and Neuter believes her agency has saved county taxpayers since it began offering transports for low-cost spay and neuter surgeries.


By keeping thousands of unwanted pets out of the animal shelter.

ETSN Director Danika Nadzan said that since June 2009, close to 2,000 pets have been cared for. Estimating an average of four births per litter, that prevented about 8,000 unwanted cats or dogs from being born and from ending up in the animal shelter.

She said the average cost to capture, house, feed and euthanize an animal at a shelter is $175. Using $100 as a lower estimate, Nadzan figures the low-cost spay and neuter program has saved taxpayers around $800,000 since the transports started.

“That is $800,000 that has been saved just by transporting pets to be spayed or neutered,” Nadzan said. “This isn’t costing the taxpayers a single dime. That is almost $1 million that has been saved in this county.”

ETSN started its program by offering transports to the Margaret Mitchell clinic in Bristol. While ETSN will continue to offer vouchers for low-cost surgeries, the transport portion of services has changed.


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