Directline: Reader says garbage cans blocking path on city sidewalks

10:10 am | August 30, 2012

Q. I take walks daily for exercise and often have to step across or around empty garbage cans blocking the sidewalk. Is there a requirement that residential garbage cans be removed from sidewalks in the City of Elizabethton after they are emptied by city garbage truck crews? 

A. Yes. There are two codes that would regulate the concerns you expressed. Elizabethton Municipal Code §16-107 says residents are responsible for keeping sidewalks in front of their residence clean and clear of any obstacles which would include garbage cans and accumulated snow and ice. Elizabethton Municipal Code §17-113 states that garbage collection containers must be set out to the curb and taken away from the curb on the same day as that neighborhood’s scheduled collection day.

Excerpts from referenced codes are shown below:

— 16-107. Abutting occupants to keep sidewalks clean, etc. The occupants of property abutting on a sidewalk are required to keep the sidewalk clean and unobstructed. Also, immediately after a snow such occupants are required to remove all accumulated snow and ice from the abutting sidewalk. (1982 Code, §12-108, as renumbered and amended by Ord. #37-5, Feb. 2001)

— 17-113. Residential collection practices: garbage collection, frequency, placement, etc. (1) “Ashes,” “garbage,” and “household trash” shall be collected from each “residential establishment” at least once a week as scheduled by the director of the public works department.

(5) Container shall be placed at the appropriate location (curbside and approved city alleys) no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection and removed from curbside on the same day, after collection has occurred. Holiday collection schedules may require placement of containers at curbside on the evening prior to collection. (1982 Code, §8-114, as amended by Ord. #35-7, June 1999)

Code violations should be reported to the City of Elizabethton Code Enforcement Officer Bryan Scott at 542-1503.


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