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Directline: EMA director working to improve emergency notices to local residents


Q. Can anyone receive Severe Weather Notifications from the Carter County Emergency Management Agency? How does one sign up? 

A. The only form of Advanced Severe Weather Notifications currently available from the EMA office (outside normal media routes) are emails alerting recipients of an approaching weather system that could pose a threat to life and property, according to Andrew Worley, director of the Elizabethton-Carter County Emergency Management Office.

“This isn’t 100 percent fool proof,” Worley said. “The August 5th storm is a great example. No severe weather predictions or warnings were issued by the National Weather Service prior to the event because the storm developed so quickly.”

To receive email severe weather notifications, send an email to Worley at and ask to be placed on the “weather” list.

Worley has made a request to Carter County government to purchase a Mass Notification System to warn the public during times of emergencies. “This would provide all Emergency Responder Agencies in Carter County the ability to send notifications to the public via home phone, cell phone, text, email and social media sites during times of emergencies,” Worley said.

The Carter County Commission is expected to consider the request at its next meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. Sept. 17.


Submit questions to “Direct Line” by calling 297-9066, or sending an email to Include your name and telephone number, for verification purposes, which will not be published. 


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