Direct Line: Local restaurant inspection responsibility of the Tennessee Department of Health

9:37 am | July 23, 2012

Q. What government agency is responsible to inspect local restaurants to ensure there is soap, paper towels and toilet paper in the restroom for employees and customers to use? 

A. Environmental specialists with the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) Division of General Environmental Health are responsible for the inspection at least twice a year, or more often if deemed necessary, of every establishment where food and beverages are prepared and served. Keith Garland is the environmental specialist assigned to Carter County. Mr. Garland’s office is located at the Carter County Health Department. Report any violations to Mr. Garland at 423-543-2521, Ext. 307. Current food permits and the most recent inspection report must be displayed in a prominent location for the public to view. To contact the TDH Foodborne Illness Complaint Hotline, telephone 1-800- 293-8228.


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