Direct Line: Electric Department offers customers levelized billing

9:09 am | July 9, 2012

Q. With electric bills on the rise due to the hot weather, does the Elizabethton Electric Department offer any relief to customers in paying their bill? 

A. Levelized billing is an option, according to Jerome Kitchens, finance director with the City of Elizabethton. Levelized billing is a rolling average of electricity usage over a 12-month period. To apply for levelized billing, customers must have lived at their current address for at least three months, received three electric bills in their name at that address, and have a zero balance on their electric account at the time of sign up, according to Sharon Hardin in the EED billing department. Customers must sign up in person at the EED billing department, located inside Elizabethton City Hall on South Sycamore Street.


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