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Despite some hard knocks, Max would make great pet


Max, a young adult cat, is looking for a new home where he can get the care he needs. He would also like a soft, warm lap forPhoto by Brandon Hicks curling up in at naptime.

Max was brought to the Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter in February. He is not the most vocal or the most beautiful cat. He likes to spend his time lounging in the back corner of his kennel, which means he doesn’t get the attention the other cats get when people visit the shelter looking for a new pet to take home with them.

“Max is the most wonderful cat,” said April Jones, ECCAS director. “He is just so nice. He seeks out attention. He head butts you. He rolls over and offers his tummy to be rubbed. He just loves attention.”

Max led a hard life before coming to the shelter and the scars from his past experiences are still visible on his sides and back portion of his body. Max was taken to a veterinarian and Jones said it appears he was attacked by a dog, which has affected how he walks and uses his back legs.


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