Dennis Cove resident thankful for paving and striping of road

9:39 am | November 21, 2012

To the editor:

I have written several letters in the past complaining about the condition of Dennis Cove Road. Well, this one is different. This letter is to say thank you.

First, I would like to thank, although a thank you isn’t quite sufficient, Mayor Leon Humphrey for all of the hard work and effort he put into obtaining the grant that was put toward the paving and striping of Dennis Cove Road. He did not have to put forth that extra work/effort for the citizens of that area just because a few had come to him and complained, but he cared enough to actually go drive the area and see for himself what condition the road was in. He also ensured that the paving was done within this year and not put on the back burner since the funds were available. Thank you, Mayor Humphrey.

Second, I would like to thank the U.S. Forestry Service for the monies they put toward the paving of the road. Without them and the grant, the road would not have gotten paved anytime soon. The Forestry Service could have used the monies spent on the road in other areas, but chose to apply it toward the paving.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the Carter County Highway Department for the work they did in the paving and striping of Dennis Cove Road. That road is a narrow, curvy road and I know it could not be an easy task to complete and keep the traffic flowing, but you did. And you did a good job of it. Thank you for paving and especially striping the road. The striping really helps on foggy mornings/nights and it also helps the out-of-town visitors who do not know the area when visiting the Appalachian Trail. Good job to all of you that worked on it — there were too many to name everyone.

Jean Rhea, Hampton

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