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DBA leader wants to see all of downtown ‘work together’


Kathy Shoun says she wants to use her new role as president of the Downtown Business Association to help merchants


Kathy Shoun is the new Downtown Business Association president.

Shoun, owner of The Dressing Room, was chosen by the nominating committee after former president John Bunn announced he would not be serving another term. She said she accepted the role to become more involved in the leadership of downtown.

“I have been involved with other committees, and I am an active downtown business owner,” she said. “This is an opportunity to help do what I can.”

Shoun said she would work with all of the downtown merchants to find out what makes business run smoother for them and what changes could be made to help bring in more revenue for the businesses.

“Some things will work and others will not, but everything is trial and error,” she said. “I would love to see all of downtown work together as a whole. We could advertise and promote events together as a group instead of as individuals. It would be nice to see that.”

She said another goal would be to work to make sure festivals are beneficial, not harmful, to the merchants.

“The only way to know is to communicate,” Shoun said. “It is all about putting our heads together. It is not one person. To prosper, we all need to work together. My door is open to anyone who has any suggestions.”


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