Crunch time for old North American Rayon buildings

9:58 am | March 28, 2013

Demolition work has started on two old North American Rayon Corp. buildings on Elizabethton’s west end.Photo by Brandon Hicks<br />

The power house building and the polyester building were purchased by M&R Acquisitions LLC, of Birmingham, Ala., at the end of January. Plans were announced in February to demolish the buildings to prepare the land for future potential development.

“They will salvage what they can and then will demolish the rest,” said planning director Jon Hartman. “They will probably sell the property to someone who is interested in development in the future or to someone who wants to own the property.”

Demolition crews from Meredith Demolition are on site at the old North American Rayon Corp. location. Crews are doing minor demolition work, while salvaging recyclable materials from the buildings. The older structures are also being prepared for the major demolition that will occur at a later date.

Carlos Torres with Meredith Demolition said crews had been working on the site for around a month. The entire demolition process is expected to take about six months.

Photo by Brandon Hicks<br />
NARC DemoHartman said the company was not required to submit a timeline for demolition to the city. He said the company would be bringing in large demolition equipment to take down the buildings after the preliminary work on the site was completed. The latest the buildings will be demolished is the end of 2013.

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