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Cousin faces reckless homicide charge in 4-year-old’s death


A 13-year-old boy will face a reckless homicide charge in the death of his 4-year-old cousin, Coty Stines, shot by a BB gun two weeks ago at his Carter County home.

“We wish we could go back in time and prevent this from happening,” Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon. “Our hope is that this 13-year-old is able to recover from this and become a productive citizen.”

Mathes, joined at the press conference by CCSD Criminal Investigation Commander Capt. Mike Little and Assistant District Attorney Dennis Brooks, said the adolescent likely did not intend to kill the young boy, but said his disregard for Stines’ safety ultimately resulted in the 4-year-old’s death.

“Picking up a BB gun, which has the capability of a pretty high velocity, and pointing at someone could be catastrophic, as it was in this case,” he said.

Police responding to the home at 340 Lovers Lane on July 2 found Stines’ lifeless body and the 13-year-old and a 10-year-old boy, who were left alone at the home while Stines’ mother made a trip to a nearby store.


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