December 28th , 2012 13:00 pm 3 Comments

County man accused of brutal rape


Police say a Carter County man arrested Thursday afternoon brutally beat, raped and held a woman prisoner for two days.

According to a Carter County Sheriff’s Department arrest report, Leonard Rosco Winters,  66, was charged with false imprisonment and aggravated rape in connection with incident, which reportedly occurred Dec. 20.

An affidavit filed yesterday in Carter County General Sessions Court by Investigator Larry Vaughn claims Winters choked his victim until she thought she was going to die, then dragged her into his residence and raped her on a bed.

Vaughn writes that Winters then told her to sit on a couch and not use the telephone or tell anyone about the incident.

 For more information, read Sunday’s edition of the STAR.


3 Responses to County man accused of brutal rape

  1. Chris Willis says:

    they need to hang him. thats so wrong to many women out there to do something like that.

  2. This is horrible! I hope the girl is ok and can get the help she needs!

  3. and obama wants to take firearms from law abiding citizens

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