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County finds hands tied when trying to weed out overgrowth


Teenagers of Carter County, take note:

The next time you put off mowing the lawn for your parents, you might be getting them into more trouble than you think.

Earlier this week the Carter County Planning Commission discussed cracking down on overgrown and dilapidated properties throughout the county.

County Commission Chairman Tom Bowers, who was present at the meeting, said that the county not only has a problem with overgrowth and dilapidation, but also with its ability to effectively pursue legal recourse.

“The violations are a problem because of the hoops we have to jump through,” Tom Bowers said. “It’s just a long, drawn-out process.”

According to Planning Commission officials, only a small percentage of code violators actually make it to court. Code Enforcement Officer Justyn Markland said that, in the nearly two years he has worked for the county, most of the offenders will take care of the mess themselves.

“That’s the solution we hope for,” Markland said. “The neighbors are happy, and nobody walks away with a bitter taste in their mouth.”

Markland elaborated, saying that the problems Bowers and the commission were addressing are generally caused by “repeat offenders.” During the meeting, Planning Commission Director Chris Schuettler said that the repeat offenders only represent a small percentage of violations.


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