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County, doctor face $2 million lawsuit


The parents of a 28-year-old man who died last year after doctors said a brain aneurysm ruptured are seeking $2 million from the county and the Carter County Jail doctor who treated him, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

In the lawsuit filed in Carter County Circuit Court, Unicoi County residents Jan Peterson and Roger Harris, parents of Stephen Ryan Harris, allege their son’s death last May was caused by the negligence of Dr. Daniel Paul, the jail’s contracted physician.

According to the complaint, Harris met Paul in the jail’s infirmary on April 18 with soreness in his neck and head and feeling of nausea after lifting weights.

Paul diagnosed him as having a muscle spasm, the complaint states, and prescribed Tylenol, other medications, heat application and rest.

Two weeks later, according to the lawsuit, Harris visited the jail’s infirmary again, still complaining of neck and head pain and continued nausea.


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