County awaits word on cost for post-flood repairs

10:00 am | March 21, 2013

After receiving the results of an environmental survey conducted on several of the county’s roads and streams, Carter County now awaits the price tag for repairing them.

Heavy rain and snow storms in January caused flooding on several county roads: Carl Smith Road, Swimming Pool Road, Coney Island Road, Hathaway Court, Roosevelt Avenue and Taylor Avenue. In some cases, the flooding was extreme enough to cause significant soil erosion, which in turn threatened the stability of the roads.

On Monday, County Mayor Leon Humphrey told the County Commission that he and soil conservationist Jason Hughes have requested permits to repair the land around these roads.

“An aquatic resource alterations permit was submitted to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, along with a similar application to (Tennessee Valley Authority) and the Army Corps of Engineers,” Humphrey said. “It’s my understanding the normal time to obtain these permits is approximately three to four weeks.”

While these permits would help fix the roads that have nearby waterways, Humphrey added that the Biltmore avenues – Roosevelt and Taylor – would not qualify for the same assistance.

Before any work can begin, however, the county hopes to ensure it can be paid for.

“I’ve been told that we should have a reply within the next two weeks as to the availability of any federal funding,” Humphrey said. “Once this has been announced, each site will be surveyed, and project design work initiated.”

When the designs are completed, the cost for the construction will be sent to the county; the commission would have to approve the projects’ funding.

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