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Council narrowly approves reimbursement for damages from broken city water line


Elizabethton’s City Council approved a reimbursement to a city homeowner for damages caused to the property after a city water line broke and flooded the home.

Victor and Nancy Hopson of Ridgefield Road had been working with the city to recoup the $7,182 they paid to repair damages to their home and yard after a water line break this past June. The city’s insurer, the Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool, denied the request for reimbursement because the city was not liable for the claim under the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act.

Mayor Curt Alexander said when the 8-inch water line ruptured, the water destroyed the home’s asphalt driveway. The water also flowed through the basement and washed away landscaping. The water line was located in the road, on city property, but the break occurred directly in front of the Hopsons’ driveway.


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