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Council hears golf course update


The Elizabethton City Council received an update from the Elizabethton Municipal Golf Course a month after giving final approval for a $160,000 contribution to cover course debts.

Responding to a question from Councilman Jeff Treadway, golf course board vice chairman Jeff Andrews said the course was caught up on all past-due sales tax and were still in talks with the Internal Revenue Service to reduce the penalties on the payroll taxes.

He said arrangements had been made to have the payroll taxes paid every month so it would not get behind on those again, based on financial advice the course had received.

The course had debts totalling $158,539 in unpaid bills, which included $58,250 to vendors, a $40,000 line of credit to Carter County Bank, $51,304 in payroll tax liabilities, $6,584 in state sales tax due and $2,400 in Tennessee unemployment. The golf course also has a $30,000 note due to the city.

“This is to show them we are aware of this, we have a handle on it and it will not happen again,” Andrews said.


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