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Commission keeps size off 2014 ballot


After rebuffing three earlier attempts from the county mayor to allow public input on its size, after his fourth attempt, the Carter County Commission formally declined his offer.

On Monday morning, during the commission’s scheduled meeting, the commission voted 19-5 against County Mayor Leon Humphrey’s suggestion of a private act for a referendum that would have placed the decision about the commission’s size on the 2014 ballot.

Although Humphrey has been unsuccessful in his past attempts to put the commission’s size on the ballot, during a recess, he admitted he was still surprised the commission would not authorize the referendum.

“I thought that the commission would authorize the private act and allow the people to vote on it,” Humphrey said. “This will be actually the fourth time for downsizing, or for the referendum. At least we got a vote on it today.”

Downsizing the commission has been one of Humphrey’s main platforms since he won the office in August of 2010. During the mayor’s report on Monday, he said that, in his time as mayor, the commission’s size has been the most common concern brought to his office.


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