Coach, principal confirm three football players suspended

10:56 am | November 2, 2012

By Rick Sheek
STAR Staff
Hampton High School Principal Jeff Bradley has confirmed three HHS football players have been suspended, and will not play in tonight’s Class 2A state playoff game at J.C. Campbell Stadium.

Hampton coach Mike Lunsford acknowledged Friday morning, during an interview on a local sports radio talk show, that star quarterback Lane Smith was one of those players.

Lunsford identified the quarterback in an interview during “Sports Monster” on WXSM-AM.

“Some students that were on campus last night when we were having a dance got suspended,” Bradley said.

Bradley declined to give names or additional details.

“It is still under investigation. I can’t go into specifics,” Bradley said. “There will be three football players that won’t be participating in the game tonight.”

“I’m not going to verify any names until we get done with this, but it will be obvious in tonight’s game who is involved,” Bradley said. “To do it before I know all the facts wouldn’t be fair to the community, the students or the school. We’ll wait until the investigation is done before we put out any more information.”

Carter County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Kenny Cornett said one student was charged with possession of marijuana and a second was charged with possession of a marijuana pipe. Cornett said he was called to the HHS parking lot because of a suspicious vehicle.

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