City code enforcement posts September cases

9:31 am | October 24, 2012

In September, Elizabethton code enforcement officers received 57 new complaints and had a total of 17 active cases. The active case number included cases from previous months.

Officers conducted three preliminary cases and had 10 inactive cases they were monitoring, which included foreclosures and abandoned properties. There were 30 investigations in process in September. Officers cleared or closed 27 complaints/cases.

New complaints that were received in August were six junk, debris, trash or sanitation violations, three illegal dumping complaints, five property maintenance violations, 12 complaints of overgrown lots, five building condition complaints, one rodent or pest complaints, four junk car complaints, four animal complaints, one brush complaint, one tree complaint, four sign violations, one fence complaint, two alley or driveway complaints and seven miscellaneous city code complaints.

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