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CIA president against county bonuses


To the editor:

It is November again. On Nov.19 the full commission meets and, based on history, it is time for another bit of sleight of hand. It is the time when year-end bonuses are given to the county employees. Usually $100 part time and $200 full time.

Chairman Yogi Bowers (and his minions) has effectively halted the taxpayers from making their voices heard by placing the public comments at the end of the meeting when all voting is over.

Some may recall last year when the commissioners were told that there was “extra money in an extra line item” only to find that there wasn’t enough money to pay their own salaries. Frankly, I am for no salary for any politician anywhere. It was always supposed to be a civic duty (at every level). If the STAR is correct and the county revenue is below the expected level, then there is no “extra money.”

How does the scene usually play out? The stage is set. Someone broaches the topic. Everyone gives a token debate of the idea. Some argue that county employees work hard and deserve these thanks. One of Yogi’s men reminds us of the employee whose children would not have Christmas without this bonus.

I am reminded of a local preacher who lost his job just before Thanksgiving and Christmas. He pays taxes like we do, but this year this family will look to friends and family to give them any hope and keep their faith through the charity of others. Will this commission once again ask all the taxpayers without jobs to pay for bonuses to county employees who have jobs?

I do not begrudge anyone a job. I appreciate those who work hard for us all in this county.

This season will be worse than even last year. Money is tight and everyone wants to put gifts under the tree. If you have a job, count your blessings and consider giving a blessing to the taxpayers who need the money more.

Scott Snell, President,Carter County Citizens in Action


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