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CES librarian thankful for Citizens Club donation


Kathy Stewart, , Cloudland Elementary School Librarian

To the editor:

On behalf of the students and teachers at Cloudland Elementary School, I would like to thank the Roan Mountain Citizens Club for its generous donation to our school library. Over the past several years, the members of the club have worked tirelessly to help fund scholarships for students in our community and to donate $1,000 to $1,200 each year to our school. Several times the school library has been the beneficiary of these funds. Many books, including a new set of encyclopedias a few years ago, have been purchased.

This donation is especially appreciated this year since library funding was drastically cut from over $5,000 to a little over $500 (about a 90 percent decrease.) As librarian, I gratefully thank this organization for its commitment to the education of our students. May God bless your club for going the extra mile for us. Parents, when your child brings home a library book with the Roan Mountain Citizen Club name in the front cover, remember to thank this club for its support. Many books have been enjoyed and loved thanks to the generosity, tireless fundraising and thoughtfulness of the Roan Mountain Citizens Club.


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