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CES holds annual hoedown


The Cloudland Elementary Hoedown has been a part of Highlander tradition for many years. When the mornings turn cooler and leaves begin to change color it’s time for such fall activities as football games, homecoming parades and of course, the annual hoedown.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Donovan Sherman dons a bear skin at the hoedown.

The hoedown is an event held in the gym allowing students to attend with their grade-level classes and perform play-parties they have learned in music class. American play-parties began in the 1800s for community entertainment and fellowship. The various jigs and reels originated in England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Often a potluck supper began in the evening and a fiddle player would strike up a tune. Partners would move through steps and figures in different formations, such as contra lines, double circles and squares.


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