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Great Lakes become nearly covered with ice

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Sinkhole swallows cars at Corvette Museum in Ky.

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NSA to Congress: Snowden copied co-worker password

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Deaths, power outages in South; storm heads north

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Tribute planned for Boston Marathon bomb victims

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Winter storm takes aim at Mid-Atlantic, Northeast

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2 dead in Oregon avalanche; Colorado victim found

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Nebraska city to keep illegal immigration rules

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Messy storm makes its way across the South

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California plant shuts down after beef recall

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Drone use highlights questions for journalists

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NJ festival lets you eat, drink, floss with bacon

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Utah woman dies in parachute accident near Zion

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Kraft Singles to lose artificial preservatives

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Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

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Mich. college offers course in zombies, apocalypse

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Chicago anti-gang efforts tame street violence

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Maine police investigating screams find happy pig

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APNewsBreak: FAA to examine airport towers

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States look to rein in government surveillance

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Obama praises CVS for pulling tobacco from shelves

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District of Columbia decriminalizes marijuana

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Court hearing set over gay marriage ban in Va.

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Most seek more time in NJ traffic jam subpoenas

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Officials: Convicted murderer escapes Mich. prison

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