Cash crunch cancels April commission meeting

10:00 am | April 2, 2013

A budget shortfall he said seems to happen yearly has led Carter County Commission Chairman Tom Bowers to call off the board’s April 15 meeting.

County officials were notified Monday by letter from Commission Chairman Tom Bowers. According to Bowers, there is simply not enough money in the budget to pay for commissioners’ time.

“My reason for canceling the commission meeting was to save money,” Bowers said. “Our line item for commissioners and committee fees is moving pretty close.”

In addition to canceling the full commission meeting, Bowers requested that commissioners who serve as committee chairs consider canceling their meetings, as well. He added, however, that the cancellation was recommended, not mandatory.

“It’s whatever they want to do,” Bowers said. “They might feel like they can’t. If there’s something that they have to talk about, that’s fine.”

Regardless of how many committee meetings may be canceled, Bowers said he could reconvene the full commission if an important issue arose.

“If there’s an emergency, we can always call a specially called meeting,” Bowers said. “But if there is nothing that was an emergency or required immediate attention, we’ll save the taxpayers $2,400.”

Budget shortcomings prompted the meeting’s cancellation, and this is not the first time the commission has called a meeting off for lack of funds.

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