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Cancer claims former Elizabethton schools director Jessie Strickland


A memorial service Sunday afternoon in Savannah, Ga., will honor former Elizabethton Director of Schools Jessie Strickland, who died Saturday after battling cancer for the past year and a half.

Strickland, who spent her adult life as an educator, led Elizabethton City Schools from 1995 to 2000, during which time she directed the school organization and overall operation to one of the most successful school systems in the state.

Danny Smith, school board chairman during Strickland’s tenure as city schools director, has been asked to deliver one of the eulogies at her memorial service Sunday in Savannah.

“Dr. Strickland was first and foremost a wonderful Christian lady. She was professional in all that she did. Not only did she always have the education of students at the center of her agenda, but there was a genuine concern for the safety and security of the students and staff,” Smith shared.

“Dr. Strickland made it a point to personally know who was working in the system, and knew most of the teachers on a first-name basis. Surprisingly, she knew most of the students by name. She was always fair and tried to do the right thing,” Smith continued.

Editor’s note: A story about Jessie Strickland’s battle with cancer appeared in the Elizabethton Star on Sept. 9, 2012. To read about how she faced her diagnosis and treatment, follow the link here.


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