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Campbell: Commissioner, pastor and Santa


Carter County’s new 1st District Commissioner Willie Campbell called it an honor to sit in the seat once occupied by late Commissioner Ernest “Gebe” Ritchie during the County Commission’s November meeting.



“I knew Gebe,” Campbell said. “We were good friends.”

Campbell said Ritchie is an irreplacable community leader, but he hopes to honor him through this chance to serve the county.

“I’m not trying to fill his shoes,” Campbell said. “I just hope I can do half of the good job that he did.”

Campbell reflected on the times he shared with Ritchie, who died last month.

He said Ritchie was very fond of a memory with him on the night Ritchie won the election.

“The night he got elected, the first thing that I did was go up there and pray with him,” Campbell said. “I told him that I pray God will have His wisdom and knowledge under him to lead and guide him through the things he was going to do. He never forgot that.”

Campbell will serve as commissioner through August 2014 and said there is a possibility he will seek to be elected to the position when his current term expires.


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