Calling post-storm event inapproriate, woman takes detour from NYC marathon

9:37 am | November 2, 2012

For the past seven months, Hampton resident Samantha Legge has been training to run the New York City Marathon to raise funds for the Doe River Gorge.

Photo By Brandon Hicks
Samantha Legge completes her final training run Thursday morning after logging a total of 1,600
miles in the past six months. She was joined by Doe River Gorge President Terry Maughon as she
ran her final three miles of training exercises.

But she won’t be among the runners participating in the marathon this Sunday.

Legge said she made the decision yesterday to not run in the marathon because of the aftermath and recovery from Hurricane Sandy that is ongoing in the city.

“It is incredible that they are still going to have the race,” Legge said. “A lot of people feel that it is not appropriate to have the marathon after the hurricane. Even after training for a half a year, I am one of those people. How can I run a race and be handed water on the side of the street when the people who live there do not have water?

We are going to have to run past burned and destroyed neighborhoods where people have nothing and have been displaced. They are going to have to take the police and firefighters away from recovery efforts to man the race route. It is just not appropriate to me. I just felt convicted enough to say I don’t feel I should run the New York City Marathon in 2012 with the devastation and confusion in New York City.”

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