Autumn is showtime in Northeast Tennessee

9:40 am | October 8, 2012

The fall foliage forecast is still a little up in the air, but odds are that that we’ll be seeing some very good color.

Photo by Sarah East
The Covered Bridge has seen many autumn seasons come and go. The historic bridge always looks especially beautful as the trees along the Doe River begin to acquire their fall color.


Gary Leek, professor of botany at Milligan College, said fall colors in Northeast Tennessee are usually most profuse the last two weeks in October.

“It all depends on the temperatures,” Leek said. “If we have some frost, that could cause the leaves to drop early. There are some variables, but we should see a burst of color by the middle of the month.”

“As days get shorter and nights become chillier, the color will come. Dogwoods and sumacs are already showing their nice purple colors. We also are seeing some vibrant reds and yellows of maples. When you have warm sunny days and nights that don’t reach freezing, it brings out the best colors,” Leek said.

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