August 23rd , 2013 15:40 pm 1 Comment

UPDATE: No device found after Elizabethton High School bomb threat


UPDATE: Students have started returning to the building to retrieve their belongings after a bomb threat Friday afternoon forced the evacuation of Elizabethton High School.

After sweeping the building, authorities found no trace of any explosive device. EHS Safety Committee Chairman Kenny Hardin said that the report had been a false alarm.

Elizabethton Police Department remains on the scene to follow up on the source of the threat.

The school was evacuated after a student reported hearing that a bomb had been placed inside the school.


On Friday afternoon, a call went out over emergency frequencies for emergency crews to respond to a bomb threat at Elizabethton High School.

Initial reports suggest a student was the first to learn of the threat. Upon hearing the news, the student then told an unspecified authority figure, who then contacted emergency services.

More on this story as it develops.


One Response to UPDATE: No device found after Elizabethton High School bomb threat

  1. DonnaSue Jansma says:

    I’m glad there was nothing… that is aweful!!!

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