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Anthropologists positively ID found remains


Zane Baxter Gervin II

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes confirmed Friday afternoon that the skeletal remains found two weeks ago by a TDOT survey crew beside Gap Creek Road were those of 44-year-old Zane Baxter Gervin II.

Mathes said University of Tennessee forensic anthropologists compared medical records to identify Gervin, who has been missing since last May.

Gervin’s last available address was listed as VIP Road in the Milligan community.

Gervin’s driver’s license was located in a wallet near the site, but Mathes said comparing medical records was the only way to ensure the true identity.

On Tuesday, a team of anthropologists returned to the site where the body was found a week earlier to sift through the top layer of dirt in hopes of finding more bone fragments and clues to help determine the body’s identity.

Mathes said the case is currently being treated as a homicide, because no witnesses to the man’s death have been found.

He said Friday that there may be evidence to suggest that foul play was not a factor in Gervin’s death, but until the autopsy is complete he could not say for sure.


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