Alexander: Petition signals concern over pace of change

10:00 am | September 20, 2013

Close to half of Tennessee’s school superintendents, including Elizabethton City Director of Schools Ed Alexander, have signed a petition asking for stronger communication between local educators and the commissioner of education Kevin Huffman.

Alexander told the Elizabethton Board of Education that he was one of the 64 superintendents – out of 136 – in Tennessee who signed the petition when it was presented at the Sept. 9 Fall Superintendent Conference by Dan Lawson.

“I included myself in the petition asking for more communication,” he said. “We are really concerned about the pace of the changes that are occurring. The pace of the changes has been traumatic for the classroom teachers. We are asking for them to slow the pace to let our people catch a breath.”

Lawson’s letter says that each signee has experience in education and leading schools in the state of Tennessee. The letter goes on to say the superintendents have been involved in reform efforts before that have been put in place with the goal of improving education, but that their input has not been sought for the latest changes in Tennessee education.

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