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A story to tell


By Max Hrenda

For all intents and purposes, Aaron Mosley seems like a run-of-the-mill sort of guy.

Photo by Danny Davis
Aaron Mosley holds a laptop showing the cover page of his autobiography, “I’m Just Me.” Aaron, who has undergone cancer treatments for seven years, said he hopes his story could help others going through rough times.

He takes drives to have some time to himself; he enjoys being around his family and hanging out with his little brothers, Joshua and Ryan, and his stepbrother, Billy; over the summer, he interned with the Elizabethton Twins; he’s an avid Miami Marlins fan and has no shortage of things to say about their “stupid” blockbuster trade; by his own admission, he’s obsessed with the AMC show, “The Walking Dead;” and he can power through the latest “Twilight” movie for the sake of the “pretty girl” he took out on a date.

On the surface, Aaron looks like an average guy. But there are two aspects of his life that he does not advertise: 1) he is an aspiring writer, and 2) he has battled cancer for nearly one-third of his life.

When someone battles a terminal illness, people often use colorful adjectives to describe them. Brave. Heroic. Amazing. Incredible. For Aaron, those words are too much of an exaggeration.

“A lot of people think I’m crazy … when I disagree with them when they say I’m amazing or incredible,” Aaron said. “Those are strong words. But … I’m just Aaron. I’m just me.”


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