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A dozen charged in Johnson County meth busts


On the same day of drug raids across Carter County to arrest suspected methamphetamine offenders, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with federal authorities, made a dozen arrests of their own.

Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece said seven were arrested on federal indictments of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and five more who were incarcerated in local penal institutions were served with warrants for the same charge.

Arrested were:

  • Gerald Dean Campbell, 42, Niles Campbell Lane, Shady Valley
  • Heather Michelle Eller, 29, 441 Old Butler Road, Mountain City
  • Lance Douglas Hammons, 41, 1926 Forge Creek Road, Mountain City
  • Billy Edward Hartness, 34, 163 Rine St., Mountain City
  • Brittany Lynn Howard, 22, 607 Graybeal Ave., Mountain City
  • Benjamin Travis Morefield, 32, 3164 State Highway 67W, Mountain City
  • Debbie Lynn Snyder, 34, 400 Furnace Creek Road, Mountain City

Those already incarcerated will have detainers placed on them and will be taken into federal custody at a later date. They are:

  • Janet Lee Bunting, 44, 121 Illinois St., Mountain City
  • Stacy Theo Snyder, 43, 121 Illinois St., Mountain City
  • Johnny Glenn Reece II, 31, 220 Seahorn Lane, Mountain City
  • Aaron Allen Stout, 28, 607 E. Hillcrest Drive, Mountain City
  • Terence Lee Turnmire, 30, 2493 Cold Springs Road, Mountain City

“Luckily, we didn’t find any labs at any of the locations we went to,” Reece said. “We had the cleanup truck standing by in case we did, but thankfully we didn’t need them.”

Reece said there may be more arrests pending as a result of the several-months-long investigation.



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