Police say woman was carrying meth lab

10:37 am | January 9, 2013

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Wearing a paper gown after an outdoor decontamination shower, Patrice Moore is questioned by police outside Talladega Apartments Tuesday afternoon after undercover officers say she tried to sell them marijuana and reportedly discovered a mobile meth lab on her.

Undercover city police officers unfurled the red flag at the NASCAR-themed Talladega Apartments Tuesday afternoon for a Hampton woman they said was in possession of a “shake and bake” mobile methamphetamine lab.

Patrice Moore, 48, 156 Swimming Pool Road, No. 1, Hampton, was arrested at the apartments at 429 W. G St., after the plainclothes officers said she tried to sell them marijuana.

Newly sworn-in Elizabethton Police Department Chief Greg Workman said the officers also found a plastic bottle in her possession that appeared to be a “one-pot” methamphetamine lab.

“We were called about a suspicious person who was believed to be selling drugs at the apartments,” Workman said as officers ducked in and out of the apartment in question behind him. “The vice units arrived and she approached them and attempted to sell them marijuana. They then found the bottle containing a white substance that is consistent with making meth.”

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